Tips and Tricks: Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet

It seems like social media updates are endless and it can get exhausting; just when you get used to things the way they are, features get moved, changed, and modified. In order to keep up with these latest updates, we’ve got the most recent image sizes you’ll need for all of your social media accounts. The most important aspect of you profile is to have it updated and completely filled out, so remember to resize and renew your images as needed. This may also be a good time to check over your profile and fill in any missing information or refresh your account


There are many other aspects you need to consider when creating an online presence and assembling a robust and functional profile is only the beginning. Here are a few other helpful tips to ease you through the process of navigating social media.

buttons-01 buttons-02 buttons-03 buttons-04 buttons-05

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