What’s Trending: Online Video

Video viewing continues to explode and according to AOL, 57% of consumers are watching videos on their mobile phones daily. Video has become the most engaging type of content available today, and with all the technology available it’s never been easier or more affordable to create video to post on your social media. 59% of consumers reported watching video that runs 1 minute or less every day and only 31% of consumers report watching video that was 20 minutes or more every day. With this information in mind keep your videos concise, you only have a few seconds to engage students so they keep watching until the end.

You don’t have to post professional videos to engage with students and the most important part is producing good content. Post videos that are entertaining, engaging, concise, and informative. Video builds trust with students, and trust is the foundation of conversions and sales. Video creates a transparency between your business and students, good video can ignite emotions, leaving a positive effect on the viewer.

Here are 5 ways you can use video for your store:

  1. How-To Demonstrations
    This is an easy way to demonstrate how to use products in your store and give students tips on best uses and techniques.
  2. Product Videos
    If you’ve got a new product, show it off in a video so students can see what it is and how it’s used.
  3. Answer Frequently Asked Questions
    This is an easy way for students to get the answers they need quickly and efficiently.
  4. Customer Reviews and Testimonials
    Call-out the students that support you and make fun videos to highlight their engagement.
  5. Promotions
    When you’ve got a great promotion going on, make a video about it to spread the word and drive more traffic in your store.

Sources: mediapost.com, dreamgrow.com, mikekawula.com

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