Tips and Tricks: 3 Checkout Features that Turn Online Shoppers into Buyers

It’s important to offer a simplified checkout process for your students to optimize the amount of orders coming through your website. If the checkout process has too many steps and becomes complicated the rates for cart abandonment begin to rise. With a streamlined checkout process you can increase cart conversion and create customer loyalty.

Mobile Optimization
Mobile traffic is already starting to outpace desktop traffic, so it’s important to have a mobile friendly site for your on-the-go students. Make ordering from their phones quick and easy so they can replenish supplies in-between classes.

Payment Options
Having different payment options on your website will ensure every student can easily make their purchases. Although most consumers pay with a credit card, your tech savvy students may also want to use applications like Apple Pay, Android Pay, PayPal, or Google Wallet. Implementing these checkout options will ensure you are catering to your students’ needs.

Express Checkout
When your students are ready to buy, the process should be as simple as possible. Try auto-filling as much information as possible, like asking for the zip code first and then filling in the city, state, and country. Also, allow registered users the option to use an express checkout, which stores all the information they’ve entered previously.


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