How To: Implement Customer First Marketing

According to MarketingSherpa, consumers are 269% more likely to be satisfied when they believe companies’ marketing efforts put their needs before business goals. In this survey 56% of respondents said customer-first marketing was either “important” or “very important” to them.

What is Customer-First Marketing?

MarketingSherpa defines customer-first marketing as, “an approach to marketing that strives for the highest degree of customer satisfaction through deep understanding of customers’ needs and wants and creating a value proposition with valuable products and services that exceed their expectations.”

Why is Customer-First Marketing Important

Customer-first marketing revolves your marketing and services around your students and their needs, not at them. The impact of customer-first marketing can be a huge benefit to your students, and ultimately your store. According to the chart below, not only are satisfied customers more likely to recommend your store and services to others, but they are even more likely to continue purchasing products from you.


How to Implement Customer-First Marketing

To implement customer service, you have to be proactive with your students and listen to their needs. Instead of just promoting sales and certain products, talk with your students every time they’re in the store so you can recommend products that are best for them. By personalizing your students’ experiences and recommending the products they need, they’ll know you have the expertise to help them in the future.


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