How To: Use Emojis Effectively in Marketing

Emojis are taking over social media and to stay relevant it’s important to incorporate them in your online marketing since 92% of the population uses emojis in messaging. The term emoji has become so popular, in 2015 Oxford Dictionaries named it as word of the year in 2015. A survey from Emogi discovered 75% of men and 84% of women believe emojis express their emotions better than words. Humanize your messages and connect with students by using emojis in your marketing.

Know Which Emojis Connect with Students
Make sure the emojis you use are aligned with your students, don’t start throwing out emojis without a strategy. With so many emojis available, it’s important to understand the meaning behind each one you use.

Avoid Creating Confusing Messages
Don’t go overboard using emojis to substitute copy, this can create confusing messages and may pull back your students instead of pulling them in. Don’t create a message entirely out of emojis and instead use them to enhance what is being conveyed.

Use Emojis to Add a Personal Element to Marketing
The emojis you use should be a natural extension of your voice to engage your students. Try answering these questions before you start using emojis.

  1. What emojis are relevant to your students?
  2. Do you fully understand the meaning of the emojis you plan on using?
  3. How often should you use emojis?
  4. How do your students interact with emojis?
  5. Will using emojis improve the message you are attempting to convey?

Understand the Correct Time and Place to Use Emojis
Even though emoji use is popular, make sure to not overuse them as it can become repetitive and lead to fatigue. Make sure you’re mixing up your emojis use along with your messaging and explore a full range of emotion; don’t be afraid to use the “negative” emojis when appropriate.

Show Off Your Personality with Emojis
Emojis are a great way to inject a little fun into your messaging and lighten the mood, so have fun with them!


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