Tips and Tricks: Creating a Unique Online Store

With big competitors out there like Amazon, it’s important to differentiate your online presence from others. To put things in prospective, ask yourself why students would purchase from you instead of other online outlets. Add value to your online store to make it unique and optimize it so it’s easy for students to navigate and make purchases.

Focus on Personalization
Learn as much as you can about your students and their buying journey preferences to offer unique content, products, and promotions. The more personalized their experience the more students will feel like you understand them and their needs. This will motivate them to continue shopping with you both online and in-store.

Customer Service
Always be prompt in your responses to students’ requests, questions, and concerns. Never let a day go by without addressing emails or messages about orders. Make the process of ordering and returns easy while keeping students informed every step of the way.

Offer Solutions
When you understand your students you can be more helpful in offering solutions. You can easily do this by bundling similar products so students can easily get everything they need with one click. Also, providing them useful information and content will aid them in making informed purchases.

Create a Social Media Presence
Although you won’t sell products on social media, it’s a primary outlet students use where they can easily find you. Link all your social media accounts to your website and vice versa to gain maximum exposure for your store.

Show some Personality
Humanize your store by showcasing the people that work there and how they can help. Have some fun and add some character to your website that your students can relate to and enjoy. Adding personal elements will help create an emotional connection with students.


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