What’s Trending: Robots in Retail Stores

Having customer associates present in a store to answer customer’s inquiries is the main thing that separates brick-and-mortar from online stores. Often students do their research online, but they head into a store to get any remaining questions or concerns answered and ultimately to buy the product. It’s important to have retail associates ready and available, but they tend to wear many hats and are often pulled away from solely focusing on customers.

Having a robot in a retail store can automate a lot of mundane daily tasks and free up your associates’ time so they can focus on helping customers. Robots can complete simple tasks like tracking inventory on the shelf and reordering product as needed. This may take an associate a few hours if not a full day with constant interruptions, but a robot could be efficient when given this task. Your store’s inventory counts would become more accurate and it would be a huge relief not having to worry about running out of product.

Implementing robots to do customization on products can also draw a lot of traffic into your store. This is less about efficiency and more about offering a personalized experience for students. Having a robot customizing apparel or accessories on the floor would generate more sales and interest. Robots can even assist with FAQs to free up associates for higher-level service to answer more difficult questions.

Although having robots in retail is far from being the norm, there are stores that are experimenting with this technology to improve customer service.

Source: forbes.com

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