What’s Trending: Chatbots in Retail

Many retailers are utilizing chatbots to answer simple customer inquiries that won’t tie up customer service representatives. Chatbots can provide product recommendations, process orders and send shipping information updates, answer simple frequently asked questions, and assist with the shopping experience.

Utilizing chatbots on your store’s social media pages, like Facebook and Twitter, can enhance your customer service. Your students can now easily access you on the social media platforms they’re already on. According to eMarketer, nearly 60% of Millennials said they have used chatbot and more than half of those who hadn’t said they would be interested in trying one.

There are a few important things to remember when implementing a chatbot. Always disclose that your students are interacting with a bot and don’t try to fool them into thinking otherwise. This will not only hurt your reputation, but devalue the customer service you are trying to provide. Also, always give students the option to switch to a live representative if an inquiry is too complicated, or if that’s simply what they prefer. Chatbots are an added customer service asset rather than a potential replacement.

Many brands like 1-800-Flowers, American Eagle, and Sephora have integrated chatbot technology successfully and the trend is growing. Utilizing chatbots will allow you to save precious time that can be focused on customers who need it and can enhance your student’s experience with your store online.

Sources: emarketer.com, retailtouchpoints.com

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