The Value of Students as Brand Ambassadors

Campus stores need to balance revenue while supporting the affordability of students and it is often perceived that the store’s products and textbooks are overpriced. To combat this misconception, utilize your student workers as brand ambassadors.

Although your store needs to make profit, be transparent about where that profit is going. Show employees how that profit goes back into the college and how ultimately, it benefits them. Student workers can be a great asset in making sure this message is delivered and passed on to their classmates. Whatever you use the profits from your store for, spread the word.

Educate your student employees in pricing, costs, margin, and profits since profit is necessary to stock the shelves and cover costs. Teach employees every aspect of the operation, rotating them through every department to help determine their personal strength. Keep them as involved as possible and give them ownership on their tasks. Understanding how the store works helps student employees appreciate the costs involved.

Make sure your students know they are your greatest asset and that they are ambassadors for both the store and the school. Utilizing students’ relationships with their peers will help alleviate some of the misconceptions about campus stores. Simply being transparent with students will allow them to see the store in a different light and promote sales.


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