How To: Implement Consistent Customer Service

Consistency is powerful and it defines the type of experience students will have when they shop in your store. Now more than ever, students are shopping in brick-and-mortar stores solely because of the experience they get there. Remember, your employees are the face of your store and ultimately can control the type of interactions students have when they shop. It takes 12 positive interactions to undo one bad impression, so consistent positive service throughout the customer journey is key.

To ensure employees are customer oriented, focus on training. Implement training programs so everyone is on the same page and can deliver the same service. Make sure your employees know your students’ needs and focus on these three types of customer consistency.

Customer Journey Consistency
Since students shop across several different channels before they buy, you’ll want to make sure each platform they access is consistent. Creating an effective customer journey can increase customer satisfaction by 20% and lift revenue by up to 15%. Make sure your online presence reflects the in-store experience so when students come in to shop you can deliver.

Emotional Consistency
Ensuring trust during the customer journey builds a relationship for long-term loyalty from students. Consistency is important in forging that relationship because students will feel like you get them and their needs. Knowing you have the products and information they seek, they will look to you as an expert the next time they need to shop.

Communication Consistency
Make sure your message to students is clear. Your messages and marketing efforts should reflect the type of service students should expect when they shop in your store. Make sure you are keeping the promises you make and highlighting that consistency so students realize you are delivering.

Focus on improving your consistency throughout the customer journey so you can make the greatest impact on students. Fix any areas where negative experiences are common and create a plan for employees to follow. Implementing these changes not only has the potential to increase student loyalty, but it can also raise revenue.


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