What’s Trending: Smart Mirrors

Smart mirrors may be the future of dressing rooms, since they provide many perks to both customers and store associates. Shoppers can choose from a multitude of features, like being able to adjust the lighting, choose a different language, and request a different size or color. The mirror can also scan what they are currently wearing and generate recommended items to suggest complimentary pieces.

These smart mirrors can help with customer analytics by showing retailers what shoppers are trying on, buying, and putting back on the shelves. This can help with future orders, discovering trends, and handling inventory. These smart mirrors can produce up to a 90% efficiency increase with the data it collects.

This technology can also track store associates and can measure where they are spending their time in the store and how long it takes them to respond to a request. It also empowers them to spend more time with the customer and helps them to better assist shoppers.

Ultimately, smart mirrors can increase sales and customer satisfaction, but they are a long way off from becoming the norm. However, it’s good to keep an eye on what’s trending for any future store initiatives.

Sources: bloomberg.com, fastcompany.com

Image Sources: blog.beaconstac.com, antedote.com

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