What You Need to Know about the Customer Journey

Shopping is changing and with Generation Z doing most of their initial research online, it’s important to understand the customer journey. Learn a student’s shopping process you so can prepare for your part in their decision making.

Realizing the journey students go through is important to make the sale. To get a better understanding of your students, here’s a look at their shopping stages.

Stage 1: Identifying a Need
Students are often inspired by what they see around them online, on social media, or during their commute to class. Once a student identifies a need, they work to find products that solve their problem.

Stage 2: Research
With so much information at their fingertips, this digitally savvy generation will do an online search first to find out more about the product they need. 72% of young shoppers research online before actually making a purchasing. 88% of customers consult reviews before a purchase. They also seek recommendations from friends and family.

Stage 3: Decision Making
Often to assist their decision, students will head to the store to gather more information they can’t find online. They will want to speak to knowledgeable store associates to get all their remaining questions answered.

Stage 4: Price Comparison
A budget conscious student will always try to find the best deal. Once they find the specific product they need, they start shopping for the best price. They often do this both online and in-store.

Stage 5: Final Purchase
At this point, the student is finally ready to make a purchase.

Stage 6: Experience
The experience students have with your store is extremely important in their customer journey. If they had a good experience, they’re likely to come back for any future needs. If their experience was negative or even unmemorable, they may not seek you out in the future.

Sources: retaildoc.com, cmswire.com

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