Customer Service Tips for Small Businesses

We’ve all been there and seen that: that one person not getting the discount they were expecting, the person that didn’t get exactly what they ordered on their extremely customized food order, the person that literally made the mistake on their own and is expecting someone to help them. (Raise your hand if you’ve felt bad for the employee taking care of them). We’ve also seen the flip side of this: the happy customers—the ones that had a great experience that didn’t tell the employees, the person that found exactly what they were looking for because they asked an employee for help and left without further gratitude.

What is Customer Service? It’s the way you interact with customers, and how you support them. It will make or break your business. Have you ever had a bad experience at a business and not gone back? What is it that would get you to come back? Sometimes it’s as simple as someone being able to answer a question. Sometimes it’s more than that.

Customer service is everywhere. If you’ve ever had a job…EVER…you were using customer service skills. Customer Service isn’t just one thing—it’s something that is at the heart of every business and what will turn your one-time-shopper into a loyal repeat customer.

How can you use it in your store? Learn these tips to keep students coming back.

9 Tips to Help Your Small Business Stand Out In Customer Service


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