It’s Not What You Think!


The internet is where it’s at. Why wouldn’t students choose it? Books, toiletries, groceries…they can conveniently do all their shopping right from the comfort of their couch. For years we’ve been told that E-Commerce is on the rise. We’ve even seen it put some stores out of business. While convenience is key for the future of retail, recent analytics show that foot traffic in stores is still holding strong. According to an article from, “more than 90% of the consumer spending is still happening in the real world.” One of the influencing factors for the increase in real-world shopping is the amount of major retailers closing. This article also reported that “brands that are gaining traction are at the bargain end of retail.”

Though many students will still do research online before spending their money, they are still doing the majority of their spending in real shopping. Forbes calls out several reasons for this: testing products in hand, the social aspect, being able to take the product home right then and there. There is still great value in real-world shopping.

What can you do for your store?

Use your E-Commerce site to enhance the shopping experience for your students. Not only can students visit your website to shop around the clock, but they can also use it as an educational tool. Any smart shopper will research the product before investing. This is very useful information and is what will influence students to go to your store to make the purchase.

Combine your forces of selling online and in your store because students will engage in multi-channel sales. Not only will this increase your brand awareness, but you are also more likely to get repeat customers and increase your foot traffic. Bringing your products into a store makes your students more aware of what you have to offer. And you can move product and see what’s trending in real time.

Though the internet is full of endless possibilities for selling online, getting students to shop in real world has not been replaced by online shopping quite yet. Having a retail location allows your students to interact with your brand in a different way than they would online, but having that E-Commerce site will help you in the long run. Make it an educational tool for them to help influence their purchasing decisions.


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