The Mobile Shopper

$ELL! $ELL! $ELL! The goal of any retail establishment is to sell more. We’ve all been there—at the checkout counter when the sales associate tells you if you buy 2 more items you’ll qualify for $15 off your entire purchase! And why wouldn’t you participate in that? At the end of that purchase you’ll be saving money! Influencing your customers to purchase more has been around forever.

That way of influencing the customer is getting an update. Shopping has been taken to a whole new level thanks to mobile shoppers. Now retailers are able to identify their customers as soon as they enter their store, if not before. Yes, technology knows too much about you and your customers, but you can use that information to your advantage. With just one click retailers can already predict what shoppers are going to buy.

It’s no wonder that 57% of retailers are making mobile shopping and customer identification a top priority. Customer identification doesn’t stop with the use of mobile apps, although that does play a huge role in it. Your campus store can utilize mobile identification in a variety of ways.

  • Mobile payment—being able to pay via phone.
  • Mobile app—This is probably the easiest way to identify customers.
  • Mobile website—Why use a laptop when you can just as easily place an order on your cell phone? Mobile shopping is the way things are now.
  • Mobile loyalty program—Reward your students for buying from your store. This will encourage them to keep buying from you

Things you should ask yourself: 1. Do you have a mobile friendly site? More and more students are shopping via their phone. Make sure your site is mobile friendly so your students can view it easily. 2. Can students make purchases on the mobile site?

There’s many ways you can utilize mobile technology to identify your students. It’s important to identify your students/customers ASAP because it allows associates to help influence your student’s shopping experiences. While using mobile apps is certainly a step in the right direction, 73% of retailers say it needs improvement. Empower your staff with mobile tools to be able to utilize mobile technology to it’s fullest.

Many of your students will be repeat customers. Take advantage of that by using mobile technology to be able to identify them.




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