E-Commerce And What Students Are Expecting

Welcome to 2018, where simply having a website is not going to cut it anymore. Having a website can be a great way to display everything your store has to offer and it creates brand awareness, especially for things you may not have on display. Enter the wonderful world of E-Commerce: the world of buying and selling online. Who doesn’t love shopping online? Your students can easily see what is/is not available at the touch of a button. But getting your students to click on products is one thing, getting them to commit to buying is another. Don’t lose your students along the way. With technology the way it currently is students want to have their socks knocked off the moment they enter your site.

Connect the virtual world and physical world by using apps. Apps are everywhere and can be used for virtually everything. Take your student’s online shopping experience to the next level by using mobile devices to enhance the shopping experience. Walgreen’s does this right: they have an in-store mode to enhance the shopping experience and to increase engagement.

Keep it simple, but not too simple. Don’t ask your students for too much information. What is the one thing you want students to do when they arrive at your website? If you want your students to subscribe to your newsletters, then ask for an email address. Once a customer adds an item to their cart direct them with what to do next. This will reduce the cart abandonment rate and make their shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. Figure out what it is you want your students to do when they get to your website and be direct. Make it obvious what you want them to do and don’t leave them hanging.

Whether you just started a website, or you’re trying to make changes to your current website, keep these tips in mind to tackle your E-Commerce site and make it an enjoyable experience for your students.

Source: medium.com

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