Tips to go Digital

Today convenience is key. Yes, we agree that you can’t replace face-to-face interaction when it comes to shopping. Students are busy and can’t always make it to the store. Let your students shop around the clock by going digital. More and more students are opting to shop at the press of a button rather than going to the store. It’s all about convince. Not to mention the variety. With the wonderful options the internet provides, you can easily showcase everything your store offers, and then some. Even if you don’t get much sales from it, you’ll still be adding value to your store because students can get to know more about your store—and probably more than they would just by walking through your store. And by allowing students to shop online you are have the potential to attract more customers.

So why are so many small businesses afraid to go digital? There’s many reasons for this—a few of the top noted reasons include having a more complex return process, possibility of security breach and a lack of verification. But this shouldn’t stop you from pursuing the digital world. These fears can be easily overcome—just pay special attention to the details. Let’s address some of these fears:

The return process—It’s not fun for anyone. Clearly display the correct route for the return process on your website to help clarify some confusion your students might have. You will want to also include contact information in case your students do get confused. Making the communication open and easy will help ease the process.

Security breach and lack of verification—Let’s be honest, this could happen to anyone.  There are tons of programs that can protect your company from a security breach. Make sure that when transactions are made you have a way to verify the customer (i.e. address verification, CVV codes, etc.).

Students want to feel connected. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to reach your store’s fullest potential. Give your students what they want and let them spend [virtually] all day with you shopping online. Get your store going digital.


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