Back-to-School Products for Students

It’s that time of year, the time your students are willing and eager to spend a lot of money on the products they need for back-to-school. They are hungry for knowledge. It’s an exciting time for students to buy. Give them something they want to use!

Take a look at our list of recommended must-haves to help you kick-start your buying for the season!

  1. Pens and pencils—They never go out of style. Yes, we are in the digital age, but nothing will ever replace these age-old writing utensils. *Did you know it has been proven that using various colors to note things helps improve your memory? SCIENCE! Make sure you stock up on a variety of colors for your students!
  2. Highlighters—Your student’s saving grace. Let them mark up those textbooks (the next owner might even thank them for it).
  3. Note-cards—These super useful, multi-functional little pieces of paper are an absolute must-have for your students! Students can use them for studying, making flashcards, preparing a speech, etc.
  4. Sticky notes—Useful for both social use/quick notes and for noting pages in the text books.
  5. White-Out—Everyone makes mistakes! White-out is the convenient and easy way for students to fix that one grammar mistake on their paper.
  6. Sanitizing wipes—The easiest way to clean. Enough said.
  7. Folders—A lot of professors still hand out printed versions of their syllabus. Keep your students organized for all their classes with these handy paper holders.
  8. Staplers—There is nothing like arriving to class with a printed paper and nothing to keep it together. Don’t let this happen to your students.
  9. Flash-drives—the easiest most useful way for students to have instant access to their documents no matter where they are on campus.
  10. Headphones—help your students find their happy place and block out the craziness of the world. Essential for quiet studying, clearing their mind between classes, working out, etc.

Make back-to-school shopping fun for your students and turn these essentials into something your students will actually want to use.


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