Meeting Your Customer’s Expectations

Your customers got smart. With the world right at their fingertips, how could they not be? They are experts in both real world shopping and they also dominate the virtual world. They are so connected, they know the very second Beyoncé’s newest album drops within minutes of release. Unfortunately, your customers hold the power. Providing a good customer experience is the most important thing any business can do to keep customers. That goes without saying. In this digital age, providing exceptional customer service is something that you must not ignore. Ignoring these expectations might leave you with a bad reputation. Your customers are going to keep wanting more. Here’s some key expectations you should be hitting now.

  1. Up the game of your E-Commerce site. Students expect to find the information they’re looking for and fast. If you have products on your site, make sure your descriptions are good. Even online, students want a one-on-one experience. If you don’t have a chat feature for your website, make sure you are prompt with your online help requests from your students.
  2. Students shop across multiple platforms. Provide a smooth “omni-channel” experience. Whether it’s in-store, online, social media, or mobile, you’ll want to make sure the shopping experience is easy.
  3. Returns are not fun for anyone. They’re not fun for your employees and yourself that have to process the return, and they’re not fun for the student you’re now inconveniencing by making them come to your store to make the return. Focus your efforts on improving the return process and making it as easy as possible.
  4. One of the reasons students still shop in your store is so if they have a question they can ask a live person and not a chat bot. Make sure your employees are knowledgeable and ready to help your students with all their questions.
  5. Offer fair prices. See what prices your competitors are offering. Students will price compare, and if they find their products/books for a better price at another store, you might lose the sale.
  6. Knock their socks off! Deliver the best customer service possible. Whether it’s your awesome staff that is friendly and knowledgeable, or it’s the way you merchandise your store, make sure it gives your students are reason to keep coming back for more.

Your first priority should always be your students/customers. Follow these guidelines to help you meet the demands of your students and meet or exceed their expectations.


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