The value of thanking your employees

Every day is Employee Appreciation Day, or so it may sometimes feel. Keeping employee morale high is important for day to day business, especially if you want your employees to do their best. Poor morale in a workplace can lead to decreased productivity. For you to succeed, you all need to succeed—it’s teamwork at its best.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Saying “thank you” not only reinforces what behaviors you’re looking for, but it also lets your employees know that you actually do care. What are some ways you thank your employees? Saying thank you can happen in many ways. You can offer your employees a raise, offer cool perks like having weekly yoga or paid lunches. But nothing replaces the two words that everyone appreciates hearing, “thank you.”

Saying thank you can’t be stressed enough. It’s so simple, but sometimes it’s easy to forget. Your employees work hard to help push your sales—they’re your bread and butter. Make sure you’re giving recognition frequently. A report by TINYpulse showed that employees who received recognition were much more likely to rate their workplace as more fun. It was also reported that 70% of employees gave credit to their co-workers for creating a fun work environment. Maybe it’s not important to you that your employees think work is fun. You didn’t hire them to have fun, right? Keep in mind that creating a “fun” workplace can lead to increased productivity.

How you treat your employees on a regular basis is an important part of keeping your employees happy. Saying these two oh so magical words will make the biggest difference in your company culture. Keep it genuine and real. Let your employees know how much you actually appreciate them. Showing appreciation will lead to your employees repeating that behavior in the future. Happy employees will result in employment longevity. It also leads to increased productivity. It also increases the overall company culture.

The easiest way to keep your employees happy is to thank them for their work. Don’t thank them because you have to. Thank your employees because you mean it. Appreciation is a two-way street; appreciative leaders are appreciated leaders.


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