What you need to know about email marketing vs social media marketing

Both email and social media are important parts of your marketing efforts. Your students likely use social media daily, and they check their email daily too. Email has been around for forever and is an established way of communicating with your students. But research has shown that social media is not just a fad—it’s here to stay. Your social media platforms, when done correctly, tells your students that you are active. If you’re not utilizing social media marketing you could be missing out on potential customers. It’s a great way to reach your students and beyond. Social media marketing is a bit newer and has really sky-rocketed in recent years. Both forms of communicating have benefits. Here’s some things to know about each.

Emails are great for communicating a lot or a little. Here’s some key facts about email marketing:

  • According to concstantcontact.com, emails are 40% more effective than social media. That is because most of your customers use email daily.
  • People respond to promotional emails. One sure way to get some attention is to have promotions.
  • If you have an e-commerce site, emails will increase website traffic.
  • Emails have a higher click through rate than social media posts. Overall, people tend to check their email more frequently than social media.

Social media is a great way to communicate short messages with your students. Here’s some key facts about social media marketing:

  • Better for engagement from your students
  • You’ll get a better reach with social media. With emails you’re limited to the addresses you send to. With social media the amount of people you can reach is endless. And with social media you have the possibility of going viral. This, however, isn’t the purpose of social media marketing and isn’t easy to achieve, so it’s best to not make that your goal.
  • Create brand recognition. This comes with how frequently you post. The more your students see your posts, the more aware they are of your store.

Email and social media marketing have many similarities.

  • They build credibility
  • They boost sales
  • They increase brand recognition
  • They improve communication

Both email and social media marketing will benefit your company. Some may argue that one is better than the other, but really you can’t go wrong with using either of these communication methods. If you’re looking for one being more effective than the other, research has shown that email is the way to go. People check their emails more frequently. But both social media and email marketing provide you a way to share promotions and updates with your students.

Sources: agencyanalytics.comblogs.constantcontact.com

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