Increase Your eCommerce Efforts with Facebook Shops

As shoppers remain cautious of shopping in-store, continuing your eCommerce efforts are vital for your business. Make sure your online store is available where your customers are most – social media. Here’s what you need to know about opening up shop on Facebook.

Facebook Shop is an easy way for stores to sell online and it’s free and simple to use. You can choose the products you want to feature and customize the look of your shop. Customers find your shop through your store’s Facebook Page or Instagram profile. Your shop can also be discovered through stories or ads. Customers can view your products, save products they are interested in, and place an order through your website or through the app if you’ve enabled checkout in the U.S.

Customers can interact with you just as if they were in a physical store though WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram Direct. Eventually Facebook will allow customers to purchase from you through these chat apps.

Click here to learn more about Facebook Shops.

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