How Esports Keeps Students Connected During COVID-19

How Esports Keeps Students Connected During COVID-19

To keep students safe and healthy during COVID-19, most college athletic programs have come to a halt. The feeling of isolation is high amongst college students and Esports can help give students a sense of togetherness. Esports fosters collaboration, critical-thinking, and good digital citizenship. When students participate in multiplayer games, they develop great communication skills and advanced motor skills. Here are a few ways Esports can keep students engaged while being remote.

  1. Schedule an exhibition match. Gather teams at your school or connect with teams at other schools to have a scrimmage. Continuing games during the off season can keep muscle-memory fresh and students can benefit from the leadership and structure.
  2. Encourage students to design something new. Since students likely have more time on their hands, it’s a great time to encourage players to brush up or develop coding and game design skills. If a student develops a new game, players can take part in matches to test it out. This will keep students engaged and help them build new skills to benefit their career.
  3. Open the virtual gym. Many gamers have access to their equipment from anywhere so they can still practice their skills from home. For players who don’t have access to equipment, work with university administrators to provide gaming machines during the distant learning period.
  4. Watch the pros. We can all learn from athletes, and Esports players are no different. Encourage students on Esports teams to watch professional Esports players to develop new strategies. Gamers are likely to find a wide array of Esports to watch since sport networks can’t broadcast live Sports. The increased attention to Esports will excite young players and attract to audiences to the virtual sports world.  
  5. Hold team meetings and stay connected. Students are getting lonely since they’ve been staying socially distant so it’s important to give students opportunities to reconnect with their team members virtually. Hold virtual meetings through an online platform so players can see each other, share best practices, and reconnect.

Esports can provide students a sense of normality during this uncertain time. Continue to keep your students connected so they can continue learning new lessons and skills.

Source: University Business

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