How Students Feel About Returning to Campus

University Business conducted a nationwide survey to understand how college students feel about returning to campus in the fall. The survey was conducted May 18 with students age 18-25. Here are the key findings.

For students who are ready to return to campus, they hope to see their campus take clear precautions to keep students and the community healthy and safe. Overall, students would like to see clear direction from their institution on the measures they are taking to keep everyone safe. Here are the top suggestions students have for their schools to ensure everyone’s health and well-being on campus.

  1. Cleaning and sanitizing: the most popular response was for schools to enhance their cleaning standards. The largest ask is that universities make it clear what the cleaning procedures are since most cleaning happens at night or the weekends.
  2. COVID-19 testing and temperature screenings: Students would like to see more COVID-19 testing and frequent temperature checks for campuses. Some students feel testing should be mandatory for students, faculty, and staff to return to campus.
  3. Distant and online learning: Students are open to the option of distant and hybrid learning in the fall. They would like to see class sizes capped so there are less students in a room at once. Another option presented is staggered class times and taking the class online if students feel unsafe.
  4. Wearing masks and gloves: Students feel campuses would be safer if they require students, faculty, and staff to wear masks in and out of the classroom. They would also like to see gloves being worn when appropriate.

Source: University Business

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