Handling Customers Who Aren’t Following New Safety Guidelines

As your store opens and students start coming back to campus, you’ll likely encounter customers who aren’t following your safety guidelines. Make sure you handle these situations carefully, so you aren’t offending anyone.

Train your entire staff, not just supervisors, on how to approach customers who aren’t following your policies. Treat customers with dignity and try and see the situation through their eyes. When approaching your customers, introduce yourself, ask them to comply with your policy, and explain why. By doing this, you aren’t ordering them to comply, you are telling them why. Here is an example.

“Hi, my name is Jane. Can you please put on your face mask while shopping in the store? You may not have seen them, but there are signs on the doors requiring all shoppers to wear masks in the store. I know this is an inconvenience, but we could be fined for not following CDC guidelines about masks. We also want to keep your staff and customers safe.”

After explaining why you’re requiring masks in your store, direct the customer to your mask section or provide a disposable mask for them to use. If your customer says they won’t wear a mask, even after offering them one for free, politely ask why. After having a conversation with the customer, their no, might turn into a yes.

To learn more about how to handle these situations, check out this article from NRF.

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