Tech Talk: Qi Standard Wireless Charging Explained

Wireless charging is becoming more widespread as consumers upgrade their technology. You’ve probably heard of Qi standard wireless charging but might be confused about what exactly it is. Let’s dive into Qi standard.

First off, did you know Qi is pronounced “Chee”? That’s right! This standard derived from the Chinese word meaning air, material energy, life force, or energy flow. The Qi standard is now found in most smartphones from the largest manufactures including Apple, Samsung, Google, and LG. You can also find Qi standard in many tablets and other electronics.

Qi standard has been around since 2008 when the maximum wattage was just 5 W. Now, Qi standard produces an output up to 15 W, depending on what the device allows, and provides fast-charging. The type of device does change the output allowed. Here are the maximum outputs for the major smartphone brands.

Apple allows 7.5 W output

Samsung allows 9 W output

Google allows 10 W output

LG allows 10 W output

When using a wireless charging pad, you do need the correct wall adapter to get the full output. For instance, if you have a 10 W charging pad and you plug it into a 5 W wall charger, the output will only be 5 W, which won’t result in fast charging. Qi standard also only works if the device is up to 4cm away from the pad. This means bulky phone cases could prevent the wireless charger from charging.

We hope this helps you understand Qi standard. If you are looking for Qi standard wireless chargers to carry in your store, contact your DSC Account Manager or visit

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