Fall Inspiration: Add a Little Spice to Your Store

Pumpkin spice and everything nice. Fall is in the air. Here are some tips and activities to bring fall to your store.

 Play Up the Season: Since 2020 hasn’t been how many people envisioned, spend a little extra time on your holiday décor to spread some cheer. Some ideas to incorporate fall into your store include using haybales to display products, placing pumpkins at your registers and around the store, and have a wall for employees’ top fall picks. Be careful not to go overboard so your store doesn’t look cluttered.

Gratitude Tree: Bring some positivity to your store by having a Gratitude Tree. Put up an empty tree trunk on a wall in your store and place some leaf cut outs on a table. Have your customers write something they are thankful for on the leaf and place it on the tree trunk. To add more interaction with the Gratitude Tree, post weekly updates on your social media so your followers can watch the tree get fuller.

Pumpkin Carving Contest: Since we can’t bring everyone together to carve pumpkins, have your customers carve their pumpkins at home and share their photos with you. To increase engagement, have a contest for the scariest, funniest, and most unusual pumpkin and give the winners a coupon to redeem at your store.

eCommerce: Decorate your website to give it a fall feel so your customers can experience your fall atmosphere from the comfort of their home.

What have you already done in your store for fall? Share in the comments below.

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