Maximizing Reduced Space in Your Retail Store

To help with social distancing, you’ve likely had to remove some merchandising displays and shelves from your store. Here are some tips from NACS for maximizing your reduced space. If you need any help determining how to merchandise your store, please reach out to your DSC Account Manger who can provide some tips and tricks.


Check your sales figures

Determine what your best-sellers are and consider maintaining or increasing space. Reduce or remove product that isn’t bringing much revenue.

Track and measure

Keep an eye on basic and seasonal assortments. Make sure you have back stock of products that are doing well so you can easily restock. If a students comes in for a product and it is out of stock, they likely won’t check back on that product.

Strategically place seasonal product

Place seasonal product toward the front of your store, but not at the entrance. Customers might miss the products if its at the entrance because they don’t want to linger there, especially if you have one-way entrances and exits.

Don’t over stuff displays

Avoid trying to display too much product on a display because it creates a visual jumble and eyes can’t pick out products. It’s also less effective to put product on the top and bottom shelf. Try to keep displays clean and simple.

Take advantage of wall space

You can fit a lot of products on your walls and utilizing the wall space is a great way to obtain social distancing. Hat walls are becoming popular, but you can use this space for other items as well.

Utilize mannequins

Since mannequins can take up valuable space when space is limited, make sure you place them strategically where customers can see them. Be sure to dress them with clothes and accessories that are new and popular.

Customer appreciation events

While holding an event with food, music, and vendor samples are sure to bring customers to your store, an in-store event isn’t the best idea. Instead, consider doing an outdoor event or a virtual event with contests and limited time promotions.

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