Consumer Trends: What Consumers Want from Retailers this Holiday Season

As we are getting closer to the Holiday season, retail experts are discovering some interesting trends. The biggest trend is how consumers are approaching Holiday shopping. With all the work that retailers and essential workers are doing this year due to the pandemic, consumers are pushing for retail workers to have the holiday off according to the Accenture Holiday Shopping Survey. Check out the other trends identified in the survey.

  • 61% of consumers plan to minimize in-store shopping to reduce health risk of essential workers
  • 41% say they won’t shop retailers who have laid off staff or reduced employees’ benefits
  • 57% said they are more likely to shop retailers who supported staff and customers
  • 76% of consumers could care less about shopping on Thanksgiving
    • They want retailers to close on Thanksgiving
  • 75% of consumers will shop online compared to 65% last year

Source: Retail Best Practices

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