Holiday [Shopping] Traditions 2020

Shop safe, and shop early

The NRF recently released its annual consumer holiday survey claiming that consumers are starting their holiday shopping earlier this year. And it makes complete sense, at the start of COVID hitting the US hard this year, many consumers saw huge delays on the products they were ordering online. Even physical stores had issues keeping products on their shelves. It makes sense for consumers to want to get an extra head start on their holiday shopping after having gone through that. Many consumers are experiencing a sense of urgency of needing to get their holiday shopping done now, and it’s not even Halloween yet. This holiday season the National Retail Federation (NRF) is saying that consumers want a healthy and happy holiday with the new traditions of shopping safely and shopping early.

As consumers, we’re all aware of the push of Black Friday sales. The moment those dishes are clean from Thanksgiving dinner those must-have items are already on sale and going fast. Black Friday thrives on these limited supplies, limited timeframe sales. While some people want to keep Thanksgiving a holiday and not partake in shopping, some people can’t pass up a good deal. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic more and more vendors are starting their sales early and making them last longer. For small businesses, this means you need to look at what your competition is doing and make yourself competitive to give customers a reason to shop at your store, either in-person or online. In a survey conducted by the NRF reports showed that 59% of consumers plan to shift their shopping to online shopping (so get your E-commerce sites ready). And only 43% of shoppers say they’re waiting until November to start their holiday shopping.

Last-minute holiday shopping is stressful enough without a pandemic happening. Stock up on your inventory now and start your sales early to make sure you have enough for the demand. Give customers the option to shop online and consider extending the length of the sale timeframe. Help your shoppers avoid all that stress, and get your store ready for a fruitful and profitable holiday shopping season.

Is your store starting your sales early? Let us know in the comments below how your store is running your holiday sales.

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