5 Ways to Stay Motivated When Sales Are Low

Staying motivated when sales are low is hard for every business. While experiencing a perceived failure, it’s common for owners and employees to suffer lower self-esteem (US National Library of Medicine). This can result in anxiety, increased likelihood of depression, poor job performance, and strained relationships (Counseling and Mental Health Center). Taking the time to improve motivation will help prevent or limit the adverse effects you experience from perceived failure.

How do I stay motivated?

1. Set small goals

Break down your end goals into small achievable tasks. According to Psychology Today, setting small goals can help boost dopamine levels. Dopamine is known as the “feel-good” neurotransmitter, and every time you achieve something, your brain gets a flood of it. When the brain receives dopamine, it encourages you to keep working towards your end goals because your brain is driven to repeat the associated behavior.

2. Be open to change

When sales are low, it is the perfect time to evaluate what is working or can be improved in your business. During your evaluation, take the time to:

  • Brainstorm ideas with employees
  • Narrow down the key factors associated with lower sales
  • Review what competitors are doing and apply it to your business if applicable
3. Use time to your advantage

Temporal landmarks help the brain separate from past failures. The two types of temporal landmarks, according to a Research Article, are social and personal.

  • Social Temporal Landmarks are dates that are seen as a fresh start by many people collectively. Examples of this are New Year’s, the start of a new week, or the beginning of a semester.
  • Personal Temporal Landmarks are dates that you see as a fresh start. This could be a birthday, anniversary, or any other date that has personal significance to you

In When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, Daniel Pink explains that clean slates allow us the ability to mentally sperate from the past and disconnect from previous mistakes. By separating from the past, you can look to the future with a fresh perspective which will help develop creativity, problem-solving, and optimism.

4. Network

Diane Helbig once said that “networking is an investment in your business. It takes time, and when done correctly, can yield great results for years to come.” If you aren’t meeting the sales projections you were hoping for, networking is a great way to collaborate with others in your industry, get new ideas, and increase brand visibility (Michael Page).

5. Expand your knowledge

No matter your industry, there are educational offerings to help you grow. Some of the most popular learning platforms are LinkedIn Learning, Hubspot Academy, and Skillshare. Learning new skills, ideas, and industry trends will help you improve your business process and lead to higher sales.

Have other ways that help you stay motivated? Share them down below!

Sources: utexas.edu, psychologytoday.com, ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, goodreads.com, michaelpage.com.au

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