6 Ways to Attract Customers to Your Store on Campus

Being the go-to source for your students does not solely happen with prime real estate. It is important for small businesses to attract new and existing customers. Here are some of the ways you can attract customers.

Offer discounts or promotions

This is one of the most used tactics in the books to draw customers into your store.

Ask for referrals

When you’re competing against a big box store, it’s important to get in front of your customers as much as possible, and what better way to accomplish that than by word-of-mouth advertising?

Update your website

We’ll keep saying this until it gets old (this will never get old). If you have an E-Commerce site that students are using to purchase products, then it needs to stay updated. The pandemic heightened the need for this. A lot of customers will check your website before they check the store to see if you carry certain brands or products. Make sure your website is up-to-date.

Host or participate in community events

Your campus bookstore is more than just a store. You are there to help your students be successful. Some bookstores host events to help students de-stress during exams have themed days like “Popcorn Thursdays”, etc. Events not only attract customers to be at your store but also encourages spending.

Promote your expertise

Again, we say the obvious here, but your bookstore is competing against big box stores. There is nothing that students can’t purchase online. Why should they make purchases at your store when they can make the purchase online? Remind them who the experts are. This will build a trusting relationship between your store and your customers.

Swap out your signage

Have you ever wondered why department stores go through the trouble of changing their signage so often? They do it because it’s attractive and draws attention to the store.

Do you want more inspiration on how to attract new customers? Check out this video from Young Entrepreneurs Forum that provides 20 ways to gain new customers.

Sources: https://youtu.be/LGJExxDRXPs


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