How Your Store Can Celebrate Halloween

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

It’s spooky season! Halloween offers a unique opportunity to college stores because college students LOVE this holiday. Gen Z Insights notes that one of Gen Z’s key characteristics is their love for micro-moments, like Halloween. This generation of college students value creativity and self-expression, so it makes sense that it will benefit your store to get creative and fun this year.

Here are some ways you can celebrate Halloween.

Halloween themed promotions

Who doesn’t love a sale…especially a holiday themed one! You may be experiencing a slight slump in sales since many students are already stocked with supplies for the semester. This is a fun and engaging way to get them back in the store.

Halloween decorations

Get creative! Halloween decorations are extremely versatile. You can choose anything from pretty fall decorations to spooky, haunted decorations. Decide what feel you want your store to have and make it look fun.

Halloween contest or giveaway

College students are usually always up for a contest or giveaway. Consider holding a costume contest, for either employees or customers. Have your employees dress up and customers could vote on social media for the winner. Other ideas could be a pumpkin carving contest where the winner receives a gift card or some other prize.

DIY projects and decorations are all the rave amongst young people. You could consider having employees or customers design Halloween decorations for the store, maybe even as a contest with a gift card as a prize.

If DIY decorations are something you want to try, check out this video for some ideas.

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