5 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

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A great leader is one who doesn’t simply enforce rules and guidelines, but one who inspires, teaches, and motivates. Here are five ways you can motivate your employees and display positive leadership.

1 – Incentivize them

Get creative and think of contests, games, or other programs to inspire employees to learn more about products, get better at sales, etc. You can also consider offering prizes, even small ones, to employees. Maybe the employee with the most sales at the end of the month gets a gift card. Incentivizing programs don’t have to happen often to still be fun, bonding, and motivating. Having these opportunities occasionally is a great thing for employees to look forward to.

2 – Set Goals

It’s no secret that goals motivate people. It’s important to not only have larger, big picture goals, but also small, weekly goals. This allows employees to feel the satisfaction of achieving those goals on a frequent basis as well as helping them feel that the goals you set are realistic and attainable. Also, show them how the work they are doing now contributes the overall, big picture goal so that their daily tasks have purpose.

3 – Give them your trust

Let your employees know that you trust and value them. Trust will give them the confidence and motivation to prove that they are worthy of your trust. Tell them that you trust them to do the job the best way and prove it through your actions. In team meetings, let their voice be heard, and make them feel seen and valued. Take their suggestions and maybe even implement some of their ideas! Give employees who have proven themselves the opportunity to lead to show that you recognize them.

Another way you can show that you trust your employees is to prioritize their work-life balance. This communicates to your employees that you value their health and trust that when they are at work, they are giving it their all.

4 – Give them Purpose

Motivate your employees as individuals instead of just as the team. Show them that you see them and their work performance individually. If an employee is working especially hard, thank them and reward them. Recognition goes a long way. Offer your employees ways they can improve, move up, and be promoted. Give them a reason to come in each day and work hard.

5 – Give Feedback

Any good employee wants feedback. Take the time to meet with each employee semi-regularly to connect and check in with them. Be positive and transparent to them. Learn what makes each employee tick. What do they like, dislike? What are their strengths, weaknesses? How do they best communicate or receive praise or critiques? Ask them to share their input and don’t be scared to also ask them for feedback regarding your own management.

How do you motivate your employees?

Want even more tips? Check out this video.

Source: https://www.inc.com/ilya-pozin/14-highly-effective-ways-to-motivate-employees.html

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