5 Ways to Celebrate Diversity in Your Retail Store

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Diversity in your retail store is a necessity for success. Your primary customer base, Gen Z, is on track to be the most diverse and well-educated generation yet, and inclusion is highly important to them. Not only will your Gen Z customers appreciate it, but the work environment and communication will greatly improve for your employees. Diversity and inclusion bring new and varied viewpoints into the room which increases creativity, new thinking, and improved performance. Here are five ideas to implement in your retail store to encourage diversity amongst your employees.

1 – Make a Cultural Calendar

The U.S government does not recognize other religious holidays other than Christian holidays, which can be difficult for employees from other cultures and religions. A fun way to be inclusive to other important days is to create a cultural calendar. Let your employees add their holidays and other cultural festivities to the calendar so that the entire store can celebrate with them, and they can take the day off if needed without having to discuss religion. This can also be a fun opportunity to decorate the store for different cultural holidays and make students from those cultures feel special and seen as well.

2 – Encourage Education

If you have employees who are willing to share about their culture, consider having short events where they can talk to the rest of staff. Most people enjoy learning about new cultures and traditions and will enjoy the opportunity to connect and bond with the team.

3 – Create a Bulletin Board

You can dedicate a space in the store to celebrate the cultural diversity of your employees and students. Set up an area where employees and student customers can share pictures and information about their culture, background, and lifestyle.

4 – Diversity Training

Many places have a diversity training as part of the employee onboarding process that explains the importance of diversity and inclusion. Such trainings can focus on communicating cross-culturally, questions or comments that are offensive, and more. This can help ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable at work, regardless of ethnicity.

5 – Support Employee Advancement

It is no secret that minorities experience more racial bias at work, and because of this often struggle in advancing their career. An inclusive workplace supports advancement opportunities for all employees, especially those from diverse backgrounds. Take the time to invest in your employees, teaching them new skills and helping them advance in their role.

How do you celebrate diversity in your campus store? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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