Diversity Industry Trends: Dell Highlight

As diversity and inclusion become a bigger part of the conversation, it can be helpful to see what other companies are implementing. Dell is a great example of one of our vendors with inspiring initiatives for diversity and inclusion.


By 2030, Dell’s goal is for 50% of their global workforce and 40% of their global people leaders to identify as women. By 2030, Dell’s goal is for 25% of their U.S. workforce and 15% of their U.S. people leaders to identify as Black/African American and Hispanic/Latino underrepresented groups.

Learn more about Dell’s Diversity Goals

Globally Minded

Dell’s team members come from all backgrounds, religions, nationalities, gender orientations and races. Dell’s global business footprint includes operations in 180 countries, manufacturing in 25 locations, more than 40 distribution and configuration centers and more than 1,800 service centers worldwide.

Women at Dell

Dell Technologies is committed to attracting, retaining, and developing women across its global operations. Whether through internal development programs or through relationships with industry partners, we believe these development opportunities are critical to sustaining our growth and market leadership. They are key to cultivating an inclusive culture.

Learn more about Women at Dell

Cultural Empowerment

Dell Technologies realizes that a company dedicated to continued growth and innovation must be equally committed to equality and inclusion. That’s why we’re working to build a workforce that reflects the diversity of our customers, suppliers, and partners around the world. From recruiting the best talent and ensuring a culture of belonging, to developing talent, we want everyone to be set up for success.

Race and ethnicity – as well as culture (socio-economic status, religion and language) – are dimensions of diversity that often create barriers to full equity and inclusion in parts of the world. Because of this, Dell dedicates resources to create new, innovative initiatives focused on ethnic and cultural empowerment.

Empowering LGBTQ+

We empower our LGBTQ employees through our Pride Employee Resource Group, Transgender Toolkit highlighting resources and points-of-contact to ensure a smooth transition in our workplace and key partnerships such as HRC, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates and The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).

Empowering Veterans

At Dell, we take employee morale, professional growth and community very seriously and reinforce our commitment to these areas with our Employee Resource Groups, including our Veterans & Supporters ERG. Thriving and discovering your full potential becomes a reality when you see Dell employees work together to recognize military and diverse talent, enabling the transition from service to the civilian world.

Empowering People with Disabilities

The mission of True Ability ERG is to educate, drive awareness and serve as a resource for our team members impacted by disabilities and/or special needs. They do so by offering manager trainings, employee education programs, resources on accessibility & physical accommodation, and self-identification campaigns. True Ability partners with Facilities to lead the charge in ensuring our offices and surrounding areas are accessible.

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