Back-to-School Top Pick: Sun-Powered Headphones

Wondering what to stock for back-to-school? See what our sales team is recommending!

Logan recommends Urbanista’s solar-powered headphones! “I had to see it to believe it, the new self-charging wireless headphones with ANC/Ambient noise! Wireless with batteries that charge on both artificial light and outdoor light!  Other than the self-charging capabilities, the feature that stand out to me for the price has got to be the comfort and quality. When the headset has been removed the play/call will be paused until you place the headset back on your head. Check it out!”

Urbanista Los Angeles is the world’s first self-charging wireless headphones powered by Powerfoyle™ solar cell material. Using advanced green technology, Los Angeles converts all light, outdoor and indoor, into energy to deliver virtually infinite playtime. Los Angeles never stops charging when exposed to light, providing a nonstop audio experience.

Just the press of a button activates advanced hybrid Active Noise Cancelling, instantly reducing unwanted background noise, or switches on Ambient Sound Mode so students can stay aware of important surrounding sounds.

Inspired by the iconic city in the heart of sunny California, Los Angeles comes in exclusive Midnight Black and Sand Gold. Want a display? Order a counter display from!

Are you still feeling overwhelmed about back-to-school ordering? Stay tuned for late April when we launch a refresh of our School & Dorm Supplies Portal! This portal is the easiest way to find the best-selling products your students need. You can explore best-sellers for academics, campus life, and more. We’ll show you our recommended products and take away the headache of determining the school and dorm assortment for your store.

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