Sales Team Favorites for Back-to-School

Wondering what to stock for back-to-school? See what our sales team is recommending!

Brittany recommends the Satechi Type-C Multiport Adaptor, “This brand continues to astound with amazing product and equally impressive sell through rates. Their Type-C multiport adapters are a must have in store. Once a customer has Satechi t in hand they are extremely likely to buy. Adapters will continue to grow in 2022 so be sure to be that trusted source for your customers’ needs.”

Bob recommends the Satechi Type-C 2-in-1 USB 3.0 Aluminum 3 Port Hub & Ethernet, “Satechi is the slam dunk add on you need to boost your hardware margins. Their aluminum port hubs enable instant network connection via USB port. Affordable quality at SRP $39.99.”

Karen recommends LAUT’s Portfolio Universal Tablet Cases, “LAUT Portfolio Universal Tablet Cases…This is a great solution when space is tight in the store!”

Are you still feeling overwhelmed about back-to-school ordering? Stay tuned for late April when we launch a refresh of our School & Dorm Supplies Portal! This portal is the easiest way to find the best-selling products your students need. You can explore best-sellers for academics, campus life, and more. We’ll show you our recommended products and take away the headache of determining the school and dorm assortment for your store.

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