How Colleges Have Celebrated Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Throughout this month (and even earlier) colleges have been honoring Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. We wanted to highlight and celebrate the unique and varied ways colleges have given special focus to the Asian community.

Rhode Island College is celebrating AAPI Heritage month by providing students with articles and podcasts as well as an organization they can look into supporting.

Salem State University is celebrating by offering several sessions with topics such as, “Asian Representation in Literature,” and healthy and unhealthy relationships commonly seen throughout Asian-American households. They are also hosting a seminar on Boba Tea where students can follow along with their own Boba DIY kits, and a K-Pop Dance workshop. Additionally, students can attend an Asian Dynasty Dinner, APIDA Movie and Pajama Night, and a panel about the lives of their Asian American faculty and staff members.

Michigan State University is celebrating with a variety of events. Due to their spring semester ending around late April/early May, MSU celebrated early with events spanning through March and April.

Indiana University also celebrated earlier in March and April with a panel discussion titled “Our AAPI Stories: The Impact of Our Culture, Experiences, and Sense of Worth?” and a short film festival hosted by their Asian Culture Center.

The University of Texas at San Antonio also celebrated early with programming throughout April and May. Events encouraged learning more about the vast AAPI community and celebrating and recognizing the impact of the AAPI community globally and on the UTSA campus. They also held origami crafting stations for students to participate in.

How did your college celebrate? Let us know in the comments below!

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