Marketing Department Highlight: The Messaging of DSC

This month we want to highlight our marketing department! Marketing holds the messaging of DSC and is a creative team made up of graphic designers and marketing specialists. If you’ve ever received an email from DSC or read one of our publications, chances are you’ve seen the work of our marketing department.

Although everyone is definitely very different, our marketing team has bonded over shared interests in pets, plants, and overall quirky-ness.

Although our marketing team often works remote, they never miss a chance for team bonding. Between virtual happy hours, trivia nights, and more, the team always finds a way to connect and have fun!

Graphic Designers

One thing we love about our Graphic Designers is how they all have different specialties. Whether we need help with coding, rebranding, redesigning a publication, and more, there is always a designer who specializes in one of these areas and is willing to jump in with their expertise!

Marketing Communications Specialists

Did you know we market to both college retailers and K-12 resellers? It’s true! Our Marketing Communications Specialists create tailored marketing plans for different vendors.

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