Sales Department Highlight: The Heart of DSC

This month, we are excited to highlight our Sales Department! Since Sales owns the heart of our customers, they are rightly the heart of DSC. Our sales teams have an impressive combination of 117 years of experience.

LAR/VAR Reseller Sales Team

Meet our learned LAR/VAR Reseller Sales Team, consisting of Tiffany Helley (head of VAR Sales), Jessica Elzen (DSC LAR Sales), Amber Roesken (DSS LAR Sales). LAR Sales support our Reseller partners with the best solutions for their customer needs for mobile learning, STEAM, assistive technology and more! Our LAR/VAR Sales team develop relationships with our Reseller and Vendor Partners to make a meaningful impact in student lives.

Fun fact, Jessica Elzen is our STEAM Expert and is very passionate about the category and recently presented on CDW’s panel at ISTE!

Jessica Elzen is second from the left

Strategic Sales Support

Meet our savvy Strategic Sales Support team, consisting of Renee Bacon (Senior Sales Support), Holly Bickle (Retail Support), Amy Elliot (LAR/VAR Support) and Leslie Buhler (Hardware Support). The Sales Support ladies are the backbone of sales, assisting all of our customers with questions, inventory, quotes, etc. These amazing ladies do the day-to-day detailed work, anything from getting answers from our Product Manager team, to quoting product, to following up on ending Deal Registrations, and more!

Hardware Sales Specialists

Meet our hardworking Hardware Sales Specialists, consisting of Bob Holzbauer (team lead), Dean Wolinski, and Michael Pawlowicz. Our Hardware Specialists work with our College Store customers and some of our LAR/VAR Reseller customers to get them the latest and greatest Dell and Microsoft Surface Products.

Retail Sales Team

Meet our razor-sharp Retail Sales Team, consisting of Lesley Dancker (head of Hardware and Retail Sales), Logan Einerson, Christian Jackson, Jordan Lawyer, Karen Morin, Brittany Richard, and Julien Govaarts. Our Retail Sales Team works with our College Bookstore customers to make sure they have everything they need for successful retail seasons during the college year.

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