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The Orientation Experience

The Orientation Experience

Freshmen orientation is an exciting time on campus. The buildings are filled with excited freshmen ready to leave their nest and enter the academic world. Getting ready for orientation is a yearlong process, there is always room to grow and establish new activities. Follow these tips for a successful orientation season. 1. Establish Goals and … Continue reading

Targeting Faculty and Departments 101

Securing sales to departments and faculty members may be some of the most beneficial selling you can do as a retailer in the education market. However, selling and marketing to faculty and departments is much different than the targeting you do towards students. The products that are carried by a department often dictate what will … Continue reading

The Modern College Student

As technology is woven into our daily lives, the modern college student is very dependent on technology. If you don’t believe us check out the infographic below from Presta Electronics. 73% of college students said they cannot study without technology. 38% of college students cannot go 10 minutes without checking their email, tablet, laptop or smartphone. … Continue reading

Preventing Laptop Theft On Campus

A recent study released by Absolute® Software, a company providing security and solutions responding to computer theft, reports that college campuses have moved from fifth to third place in terms of most common areas for laptop theft. Loosing a laptop can be devastating for a college student or faculty member. The impact goes well beyond its economic repercussions.  First, … Continue reading