Using Social Networks as Shopping Platforms: New Rules for eCommerce

Have you ever wondered about the ROI of social media? Well you are not alone, it’s hard to detect if your store’s Facebook page is actually driving sales or how many in-store visitors your Instagram creates. The key to discovering the value of social media is picking the right platform for your store. Just because there are 12+ social media platforms, it does not mean you need to be on all of them. Choosing the right social media platform is crucial, especially with the new social media trends.

In the next upcoming months we will see more “buy” buttons on the social platforms. For years, brands have been advertising their products on social media, now it’s time for stores to join. As social shopping is gaining in popularity, social media sites are smoothing over the ecommerce process minimizing the hoops businesses have to jump through. Retailers like Nordstrom and Home Depot have been using social networks as shopping platforms and here’s why you should too.

Social Growth

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