The Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile Marketing in College Retail

Mobile Marketing

Mobile is taking the retail world by storm, its gaining popularity ranges from one-click payments to POS systems to in-store shopping assistants. This provides retailers with an extra touch point to drive sales, however like any marketing it takes planning. With 61% of retailers believing mobile devices are a key driver of sales growth1 it’s time to learn how to implement mobile marketing in your store.

Do get to know your customer and plan your mobile approach accordingly.
When creating marketing messages for mobile, you should know who your target audience is, what the best way is to communicate your message, and why you are contacting them. This will not only save you time, but also money and increase the effectiveness of the platform.

Don’t dive in head first.
Mobile is a hot topic, but in order for it to be effective it should be treated like a campaign. Decide what your goals are, are you looking to increase revenue, build brand awareness, drive online traffic, etc. Create success metrics to measure the success of your campaign, pay attention to what is working and what is not. It’s okay if you do not get this right on your first try.

Do your research when implementing new mobile apps.
There are hundreds of apps that help with everything from loyalty programs to POS systems. Knowing what you are looking to accomplish through an app will help narrow down the search. Make sure to read comments or blogs from fellow users, to help you find any bugs or shed light on the limitations of the app.

Don’t give consumers too many choices.
Mobile marketing is another way to contact customers–in other words mobile marketing needs strategy. Choosing which apps or mobile programs are best for your store is crucial to the success of your mobile campaign. Find your main objective and go from there, when users have too many options they are less likely to take advantage of services.

Do keep it simple.
Draw consumers in with a teaser campaign to gain their attention but keep it simple. Create a to-the-point and non-intrusive clear call to action that is in tune with the campaign goals. Remember to follow up with your customers after the campaign with additional messaging that is in line with your store’s message.

Have fun!

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