5 Tips to Help Your Store Go Omnichannel

OmnichannelAccording to omnichannel expert Andy Katz-Mayfield, omni-channel is “less about creating another channel to sell a product, it’s about providing a really great experience.” You have heard us talk about the importance of optimizing the customer experience for brick and mortar stores before, but what does that look like?

1. Start off by increasing your store’s digital presence. If you do not have a big budget, use social media. Not only is it free, but millennials love to connect with their favorite stores and brands on key platforms. Post updates on new products or promotions to Facebook to help draw in users.

2. Make sure your website is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. If you do not have a website or an online store, we highly recommend getting one set up. Setting up a responsive website automatically increases your SEO, which can help increase sales.

3. Continue merging online and offline platforms. Utilize technology around the store to enhance the shopping experience. Assist the customer by using computer kiosks to help users search for items or to make requests for products. Align technology with customer objectives; if your campus has an environmental initiative offer emailed receipts verses a printed one.

4. Increase cross-channel visibility. 33% of retailers fulfill online orders with inventory from brick-and-mortar stores.1 How do they do this? They encourage and reward shoppers that use their mobile device while in the store. Those who shop via mobile spend 66% more than shoppers who only buy in store.2 For example, use geotagging to send out coupons when students walk around the store.

5. Keep track of your sales data. If you send out receipts via email, run a report to see when the last time customers made purchases. If it’s been a few months send them an email with a coupon encouraging them to come back. The goal is to optimize digital platforms to increase sales and make sure you are keeping track of your sales data. That way you can tell what is working.

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