Video Advertising is Easier Than You Think

Embrace the power of video, online shoppers who view video are 1.8x more likely to make a purchase. Video has even more influence on buying power when viewed on mobile. Video’s influence on purchases is 18% on mobile devices. Using video publishing tools like Instagram or YouTube helps your store share it’s brand store. So how do you make an engaging video?

When creating marketing material, you want to start backward, what is your goal, what are you hoping to accomplish. Do you want to introduce your campus store to incoming freshmen or do you want show off new products? From there you can think about how to set the video up to reach your goal. There are many different approaches to campus store videos, below is a list of curated campus store videos that address different goals. Which style do you like best?

5-17-2016 4-44-34 PM

5-17-2016 4-39-08 PM

5-17-2016 4-26-20 PM

5-17-2016 4-27-54 PM


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