Benefits of Cross selling and Upselling


Providing customers with extra items they have genuine interested in by connecting other items to their original choice is what we commonly refer to cross selling. Cross selling is a great tool to boost sales and to show off your customer service and should be implemented in your campus store.

Before customers walk through your door, your sales team should have a broad selection of commonly purchased items in their heads. Every item in your store does not need to have a pairing, but top selling products or product categories that work well together should be understood. For example if a customer purchases an Inspiron 2-in-1 offer a carrying case and a stylus.

Cross selling only works when it provides additional value to the customer–this is where it is helpful to have active listening skills. If your customer is talking about how they love taking notes with the classic paper and pen duo, do not try to sell them a calendar. It is not relevant information for your customer. Easily overcome this through building rapport with your customers. While you are walking them over to a product will give you all the information you need to cross merchandise.

Upselling to your customers gives them an upgrade to the latest release or next tier of their soon to be purchase, while cross selling is an attempt to sell additional products that compliment what they are purchasing from you.

Upselling is incredibly powerful tool for sales, it can build deeper relationships with your customers however If it is not executed correctly you come off pushy. The goal of upselling is to help your customers win, when they win you win. Removing risk will make the upsell easy for customers to agree to. Offer incentives such as a trial period or a money-back guarantee to make this purchase easy.

Always remember, choose one style of selling, not both.



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