Who is using what?

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Though millennials have a reputation for constantly being on their phones, people of all ages use social media. We already know that we can use social media to influence shopping decisions. Learning what generation is using what form of social media will help you cater to your students and other customers.

Every time a new social media app comes out we hear how it’s the “new Facebook.” Well that’s not at all true. Created 14 years ago, Facebook still holds that number one spot of the most used form of social media. In fact, of all the social media users, almost 90% still check Facebook daily. Enter the era of YouTube. YouTube has recently gained popularity.  YouTube has a lot of benefits and can be inspirational, informative, educational, entertaining, etc. all in one site. In 2006 we were introduced to Twitter. Individual Twitter users have declined and Twitter has become more of a source for news. Instagram is among the newer of the social media platforms and is up there in popularity, but it still doesn’t beat out Facebook.

Who is using these platforms?

There is considerable differences in the uses of these social media platforms among different age groups. Research shows that the baby boomers check Facebook more. That’s right—the baby boomers take the lead on checking Facebook. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell the millennials that). Change can be scary—especially if users don’t know how to use these platforms. This is likely why baby boomers are the most active Facebook users. While the baby boomers remain the most frequent users of Facebook, the younger folks tend to be more adventurous and are more likely to try new social apps. Apps like Snapchat can be tricky to use and there isn’t really instructions on how to use it. Most users of Snapchat learn how to use it by watching their friends.

Millennials love Snapchat. Like Instagram, Snapchat is designed to be used quickly—so users can tune in and out just like that. The variety of camera filters makes it appealing to young users. What about Instagram—yet another app designed to share photos and videos? Instagram has declined in popularity, but still remains to be a popular app for Generations Y and Z.

Social media influences your students probably more than you realize. Keep up with the trends of what they’re using to keep yourself in the game with what they’re using. Research has also shown that no matter what age group, Facebook remains the most used social media platform.

Source: business2community.com

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