Helping Students Adjust to Campus Living

Transitioning to college and living on your own can be intimidating for college freshmen. Many students have relied on their parents to make meals, wake them up, and create their schedule. Now students must figure ‘Adulting’ out on their own. On top of trying to figure out how to take care of themselves, students likely feel lonely as they basically have to start over and make new friends. Help your students relax and feel at home with these ideas.

  • Provide an opportunity for friends and family to send care packages to students. You can have the care packages available for pickup at your store or delivery to their dorm. Include a flyer in the box to promote your store.
  • Post 30 second life skills videos on your website or social media. Videos could include sewing, how and where to vote, food to eat to settle an upset stomach, how to pack a suitcase, and how to do laundry. There are many other life skills you could post videos on. Share your ideas in the comments.
  • Provide art and craft workshops where students can take a break for a couple hours and destress or meet a new friend. Set out adult coloring pages, beads and string, or poster board and markers and let your students come and go as they want. This will also drive foot traffic to your store.
  • Provide wellness equipment in your store such as yoga mats, water bottles, resistance bands, and stress balls. You could even start a workout video series so your students can join in on a virtual workout session with the wellness equipment available in your store.
  • Work with a local humane society to provide doggie therapy. Arrange a time to have the humane society bring a few dogs to campus for students to take a break and play. This allows students who might be missing their family pet to enjoy some quality doggie time.

What other ideas to you have to help students adjust to campus? Please share in the comments below.

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