Eco-Friendly Products You Should Stock

What better way to celebrate the month of April, with Earth Day and our planet on the mind, than to stock up on eco-friendly products for back-to-school shopping! Here are some of our favorites, from headphones to notebooks and everything in between.



Go green with Urbanista’s solar powered headphones and earbuds, powered by Powerfoyle™ solar cell material. Using advanced green technology, these products continuously recharge when exposed to natural and artificial light. Plus, Urbanista’s packaging is 100% recycled, non-plastic.


JBL has two speaker lines made with recycled materials. The Flip 5 Eco is made from 90% recycled plastic, and the Clip 4 Eco is made with up to 90% post-consumer recycled plastics and 100% recycled fabric for speaker grille.


Skullcandy has partnered with facilities around the globe to recycle and upcycle their products for resale. Their goal is to keep 1,000,000 pounds of waste from entering landfills by the end of 2025. Once a Skullcandy product arrives at their recycling facility, it’s officially on its RePlay journey. It will undergo a thorough inspection to determine whether it can be upcycled or if it needs to be broken down and properly recycled. If possible, it will be refurbished and resold, with a portion of the proceeds going to Protect Our Winters. Since the program began in July 2019, 649,290 units have been diverted from landfills and 543,347 pounds of material returned to circulation (272 tons of materials that otherwise would be in a landfill). Skullcandy has also reduced the amount of material used in packaging and use 100% recyclable materials.

Learn more about Skullcandy’s sustainability efforts HERE.


Solo New York

Solo New York gives plastic bottles a second life as sustainable bags, backpacks, and laptop sleeves. The Recycled collection uses an environmentally friendly process to transform plastic bottles into a high quality and lightweight Recycled PET Polyester yarn. This process uses 50% less energy, 20% less water, and 60% less air pollution. Their mission is to recycle 40,000,000 plastic bottles from landfills by 2024. At their Long Island headquarters, Solo New York utilizes solar power as a sustainable energy source with 1400 solar panels.


Did you know that Americans purchase about 50 billion water bottles per year, averaging about 13 bottles per month for every person in the U.S.? Switching to reusable water bottles could save an average of 156 plastic bottles annually. Takeya has high quality, fun-colored, reusable water bottles to replace single-use plastic bottles.


Whether they’re cruising through the neighborhood or racing to class, Segway’s electric scooters and mopeds will get students where they need to go. Segway makes quick work of any commute and helps students escape from heavy traffic in a greener and faster way.


Cars and other vehicles used on a daily basis emit a big chunk of carbon, causing climate change. According to research, skateboarding is a better commuting option than cars because there is no engine, fuel consumption, or large machinery parts of any kind. Globe skateboards offer stylish, cool designs that college students will love.


Did you know the average person will consume a whole tree in their lifetime if they use traditional notebooks? The average college student uses between 5-7 notebooks per semester. Rocketbook’s reusable notebooks reduce paper and save trees.

School Supplies

BIC – Markers, pens, and mechanical pencils made with up to 62% recycled plastic and packaging made up of 100% recycled content.

Roaring Spring – Recycled index cards, composition books, notebooks, and exam books.

Dixon Ticonderoga – Made from reforested natural wood imprinted with certified non-toxic inks, these pencils also feature Ticonderoga’s distinctive yellow and green ferrules, which are recyclable and degradable.

Five Star – Recycled pencil pouches, pocket folders, composition books, and notebooks.

GBC – Pressboard report cover made with 50% recycled content with 30% post-consumer content.

C-Line – Recycled paper pocket folders that contain 75% post-consumer recycled material.

Pentel – Recycled pen highlighter with a minimum of 50% recycled materials by weight (excluding consumable content and refills)

Post-it – Sticky notes made with 100% recycled paper and plant-based adhesive.

Avery – Ring binders made from 35% minimum post-consumer recycled content.

ACCO – Recycled Paper Clipsmade of 100% recycled material guaranteed to contain no less than 50% post-consumer content.

Baumgartens – Unbreakable Recycled Clipboard

Maped Essentials – Scissors with handles made from 60% recycled plastic.

Victor Technology – 900 Antimicrobial Pocket Calculatormanufactured with 50% recycled plastic.

iDesign – Plastic Storage Tote made withBPA-free recycled polypropylene.

Fellowes – Recycled Mouse Pad with non-skid rubber base consisting of 100% recycled tires. Made from 90% POST-consumer waste.

Interested in displaying your sustainable products? Check out THIS ARTICLE or THIS ARTICLE.

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